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MVP AGM announced for 3rd July

26 Apr 2024

As mentioned in our previous member mailouts the Music Venue Properties Annual General Meeting will be held online on Wednesday 3rd July at 7pm. A month ahead of the AGM we will be sharing the agenda and links with members to allow them to vote on the various motions that will be considered ahead of the AGM 

One item on the agenda is the election to the Board and all members will vote to elect the board. At the time of writing, the current board of Music Venue Properties are all seeking re-election, as they seek to complete phase one of the work outlined in the Share Offer Document by the end of this year.  

If any member wishes to find out more about MVP’s subcommittee opportunities, or wishes to seek election to the board, then please email info[at]musicvenueproperties[dot]com by 31st May 2024. Please attach a CV where possible.

“Whilst the board would welcome volunteers from our membership to become more involved in the running of MVP, we would encourage members to consider expressing an interest in becoming involved with one of our subcommittees. This will allow volunteers to better understand how the organisation works with a view of seeking election to the board at some point in the future. We are currently in a delicate phase of work for MVP as we work toward the purchase of multiple properties, testing the processes we have put in place over the past year. Our hope is that by the next AGM, we will have established a solid foundation to move to our second phase of work”. Jeremy Mills, Music Venue Properties Chair

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