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Our financial modelling is to provide security on your investment and is built around an affordable rent to venue operators. We've built our financial projections around a target of 6% of the venue's capital value, which cover landlords obligations, operational costs, future development and investor returns. Our model is scalable, so the more money we raise, the more venues we can buy, and the more venues we own, the more venues we receive affordable rents from. 

Our costs are around one-third of the rents we receive, so we’d be holding on to around two-thirds of the rent every year which will be used to fund further development, and service capital repayments to investors from year 5 onwards. We expect to have the venues themselves be responsible for minor maintenance but would look to secure grant funding for major repairs and renovations that are necessary to improve these spaces; we have partnered with such refurbishment projects across the UK in the last few years and have successfully delivered 36 such projects already.

If you'd like to see more detailed financial modelling for this project, please email:

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