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Conserving & Preserving Grassroots Music Venues



Grassroots Music Venues (GMVs) are at the heart of our culture – where we come together and where artists at the beginning of their career develop their creativity. 


Music Venue Properties is a new ownership model creating permanent homes for live music, no longer relying on the temporary benevolence of commercial landlords.


GMVs and landlords often have different priorities. GMVs would like to plan for the future, invest in sustainability, accessibility, diversity, artists and the venue itself. Landlords are more focused on short term returns on their investment.

The issue of property ownership underlies almost every. other challenge that GMVs have faced during the last 20 years: gentrification, noise complaints, under-investment, poor economic model and an inability to plan for the future.


Music Venue Properties was conceived and set up by Music Venue Trust to deal with that very issue. We have created a Charitable Community Benefit Society to move venues into a full supportive ownership structure, purchasing sites and renting them back to operators. Utilising a fairer lease, we aim to ensure rents are sustainable, make contributions to annual repairs and offer tangible support in the face of adverse conditions.


Through MVT's ground-breaking Own Our Venues campaign, MVP has over £2.3 million to start building a portfolio of amazing and creative grassroots music venues across the UK under the ownership of the people who love live music. 


Music Venue Properties is how we will secure the future and development of the UK music scene.

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